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FSX Aletsch Glacier in The Alps of Switzerland
This is a scenic flight in the Swiss Alps from Raron, Switzerland to Interlaken, Switzerland in a single engine Cessna 172SP. A point of interest is that the Cessna 172SP has a maximum altitude of 14,000 ASL (Above Sea Level) under the best of conditions. It starts to struggle to climb over 10,000 feet ASL and the struggle gets harder the higher it goes.

Dangerous Landing at Paro
Flight in a Boeing 737 to Paro, Bhutan in the Himalayas. It is of a dangerous approach and landing on Runway 15 at Paro Airport. Boeing 737 pilots actually make this same approach and landing.

Hawaiian Islands Flight Oahu to Maui
This is a flight from Honolulu to Kahului Airport using an ATR72 twin engine turboprop with a local airlines, Island Air, paint job. Points of interest are the ATR 72 itself, the Honolulu skyline, Diamondhead as seen from above, and the topography of the islands of Lanai and Maui.

Golden Gate Bridge & San Francisco Tour FSX:
This flight is in a twin engine Beechcraft Baron 58. The flight was made on a beautiful partly cloudy morning at dawn from Sonoma County Airport to Oakland International Airport. Points of interest are the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz,  San Francisco, and the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Flight Simulator X - Lesson 01:
This lesson covers basic Flight Simulator X operations, taxiing, take off, climb, and level flight using a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP.

Flight Simulator X - Lesson 02:
This lesson covers basic Flight Simulator X operations, turns, approach, descent, and landing using a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP.

Yosemite Valley:
This is a flight into Yosemite Valley highlighting some of the well known features using a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP.

Through the French Alps To Courchevel Airport, France:
This flight was made in a twin engine Beechcraft Baron 58. The flight was made at dawn from Meythet Airport, through the beautiful French Alps to Courchevel Airport, Courchevel, France. Courchevel Airport is considered one of the ten most dangerous airports in the world. It is dangerous because of its high altitude (6400 feet), short runway, and the mountains that surround it. There is the side of a mountain at the end of Runway 23 and beginning of Runway 5. All take offs must be made from Runway 5 and landings from Runway 23. Runway 23 terminates at the side of a mountain making it impossible to go around for a second attempted landing.

Scary Logan Landing
On returning from the Dominican Republic I was a little concerned about landing. The weather was rainy with zero visibility. I had a left side window seat just behind the wing. As we descended lower and lower, on final approach, I kept looking for a sight of land. Lower and lower we went, all I saw was grey. Lower and lower we descended until finally we broke through at what I guessed was around 200 feet. Now as you know I'm a Flight Simulator buff and I've taught myself a bit about flying by instrument. I know that on most ILS (Instrument Landing System) approaches the minimums,the lowest you can go without seeing the runway, are generally much higher than 200 feet. We landed with a crunch on runway 4 Right. I could tell it was 4R because I spotted the cranes on Castle Island as we flew by. I asked the copilot "What was the ceiling when we landed" and the Captain who was standing behind him answered "They were at minimums", SCARY. I decided to recreate weather conditions at Logan and attempt the landing using a Boeing 737-800. The jet we flew home in was an A320 Airbus. Flight Simulator X has several A320's but I don't know how to fly that model. You have to make quick and simultaneous decisions when landing a jet at 130-140 knots while under ILS conditions. It took a few attempts before I made it without crashing. Take a look and you will see what I saw as well as what the pilot saw.

Ten Thousand Miles:
Flight in the Anchorage, Alaska and Mount McKinley Areas sing a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP and a twin engine turboprop Beechcraft King Air 350. Wonderful scenery.

Dangerous Lukla Airport Landing, Nepal:
Lukla Airport in Nepal, which is near Mount Everest, at the top of the world, is considered the world's most dangerous airport. The most popular plane flown into Lukla is the DeHavilland Twin Otter so I got me one. It took me many many flights to reach a proficiency level where I could consistently make a fairly safe landing. The difficulty was compounded by learning to fly a new aircraft while trying to land at Lukla. I made a video of one of my better flights. I think you'll be amazed at Lukla Airport. I know I would never fly there for real.

Boston to Nantucket MA at Dusk:
I've was trying to learn how to fly the 78 seat Bombardier CRJ700 passenger jet. I made a short flight from Boston, Logan to Nantucket Island at dusk. The views were fantastic. I hope you enjoy the video clip.

Surprise Local Landing FSX:
This flight takes of from Hanscom Field, Bedford MA and has a surprise local area landing using the twin engine Grumman Goose G21A. See if you can guess where we are heading.

FSX Boeing 737 Landing at Glens Falls, New York
I set up a goal for myself to fly from Boston, Logan to every airport within a 50 to 150 mile radius that could accommodate the 737. Namely airports with runways of 5000 feet or longer. There are 55 of them. It just so happens that one of them is in Glens Falls, New York. I stayed there on a weekend trip to Saratoga Racetrack. What makes the flight interesting is that Glens Falls Airports runway is just 5000 feet long, the clouds were very low, thus the ceiling was very low, there are a lot of surrounding hills and there is no control tower. So you on your own.

Manchester NH to Boston in a Lockheed Electra L-188:
The primary purpose of this flight is to show off the beautiful Lockheed Electra L-188 four engine turboprop airplane. This video shows it off with some unusual and interesting camera angles while flying from Manchester NH to Boston MA.

Bar Harbor Maine Flight:
This is a scenic flight from Stonington Maine along the coast through Acadia National Park to Bar Harbor Airport using a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP.

FSX Flight from Eagle, Colorado to Aspen, Colorado:
Flight from Eagle, Colorado to Aspen, Colorado low and dangerous through the canyons using a twin engine Beechcraft Baron 58.

LaGuardia Expressway Visual 31 Approach:
Flight down the Hudson River around Manhattan Island to LaGuardia Airport in a Boeing 737 using the FAA approach procedure Expressway Visual 31. This is considered a very hazordus approach.

Canyonlands National Park Utah - Video-Slideshow:
This is a flight through Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Taking off from Canyonlands Airport and flying south to the junction of the Colorado and Green Rivers, then back north on the east bank of the Colorado River, through the city of Moab and landing at Sky Ranch Airport. The airplane is the Cessna 172SP.

Unalakleet, Alaska to Galena airport in Pitka, Alaska - Video-Slideshow:
There is a new show I've been watching on the Discovery Channel called "Flying Wild Alaska". The show features the Tweto family operating their family-run airline, ERA Alaska Airlines, and battling the Alaska weather. I have always found it interesting and fun to fly in Alaska. I downloaded an ERA Airlines plane, a turboprop Beechcraft B1900D, from www.flightsim.com . I flew a few test flights to familiarize myself with the new plane and found out that the instrumentation and performance was very similar to the Beechcraft King Air 350 which I already knew how to fly. I prepared a flight plan for one of their regular routes from the ERA base of operations at Unalakleet, AK to Galena airport in Pitka, AK. The flight was made using the current time and weather for the area.

FSX 737 landing in a storm
Boeing 737-800 landing in a storm at Logan International Airport.

Columbia River Gorge,  Oregon:
This is a flight from Portland, Oregon up the Columbia River through the spectacular Columbia River Gorge, culminating in a landing at The Dallas, Oregon, Regional Airport.

Glacier Bay Alaska Tour:
This is a scenic flight around the spectacular Glacier Bay area in Alaska. Taking off from Gustavus Airport using a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP. Note:  This video made with an earlier version of Flight Simulator at a lower resolution of 240p.

Crossover at Lawrence Mass:
This is an Aerobatic stunt. Two Cessna Skyhawk 172SP on a near collision course over Lawrence Municipal Airport. Both planes were flown by me using a wonderful new free program called "FS Recorder".  Note:  This video made with an earlier version of Flight Simulator at a lower resolution of 240p.

Dangerous Landing At Saba Island in the Caribbean:
This is a dangerous landing at Saba Airport part of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean flying a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP. Note:  This video made with an earlier version of Flight Simulator at a lower resolution of 240p.

Orange MA to North Adams MA along the Mohawk Trail:
 This is an autumn colored scenic flight along the Mohawk Trail from Orange MA to North Adams MA, Harriman and West Airport using a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP. Note: This video made with an earlier version of Flight Simulator at a lower resolution of 360p.

Lawrence MA to Norwood MA:
This is a flight from Lawrence Municipal Airport to Norwood Memorial Airport with a close encounter with the huge Radio/TV antennas in Needham using a Cessna Skyhawk 172SP. Note: This video made with an earlier version of Flight Simulator at a lower resolution of 360p.